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 The Green Room Rules

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Sean Patrick

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PostSubject: The Green Room Rules   Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:37 pm


No Spamming
Witch is stupid, repating,and pointless messages, so please don't do it

No Being Mean or Rude
Please respect everyone and treat them the way you want to be treated

No Swearing or Currsing
No bads words because we might have young kids so set an excample

No Flaming
This means no fighting about anything

No Double Posting
Wait until someone posts before you do, and if you do, P.M. an Admin to tell them about it and to take it off

No Inappropriate Content
No bad content, again young kids

No Multiple Accounts
Please Only Have One Account.

No Posing
Be Yourself There Is No Need To Pretend Your Someone Else.

No Advertising
No Advertising On This Forum Do This Only In Your Signature or you can post a link to the page in the website page(note please only put a link to your page not a link to a game)

No Backseat Modding
Do Not Act Like A Staff Member If Your Not. Also, if you ask to become a staff member, such as a Moderater or Admin, you will lose your chance of becoming one. Also Note that if you would like to become one, post an application in the Application Page.

No Threatening Or Vulgar Posts
There Is To Be NO Threatening Or Vulgar Posts.

No Asking For Personal Information
Do NOT Ask For Personal Information It IS Personal And It Has To Stay Personal.

Most Inportant

Note any broken rules will get you an infraction, 10 infractions results in a perrement ban
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The Green Room Rules
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