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 Coins and Infractins are here!

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PostSubject: Coins and Infractins are here!   Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:29 pm

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let you know Coins and Infractions are here. Coins are like points, so you can by stuff here with them. Infractions are bad. They are like geting in trouble, and if you get 10, you get a perrment bann.

How do I earn Coins?

You can earn Coins by helping with suggestion, and desigening stuff. Every 100 posts you get a Coin. P.M. an Admin to tell them to give you 1.
If you report a broken rule, you get 1-3 coins, depending how bad the broken rule was(don't make up a rule, because if you do, you will get an Infraction).
If you become an Admin, you get unlimited coins.
If you become a Moderater, you get a 100 coins.
If you become a Designer, you get 50.
If you become an Idea Assistant, you get 25.
If you beocme an Assistant, you get 10.

You can also buy a Coin shop, and earn coins by offering something(like and avator shop, sig shop). The costumers buy it, and you get the credits.

What can I buy with with Coins?

You can buy a username change for 3 coins.
You can reduce an Infraction for 5 coins.
You can buy a coin shop for 5 coins.
You can buy a song for the Music Player with 2 coins(Note that we will add them, so you dont buy them).


Infrations are something you get if you break a rule so we know that you might cause trouble.
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Coins and Infractins are here!
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